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Real time tracking and status

Track status of tasks "Accepted", "Picked up", "Delivered". Know location of agent at real-time..

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Flexible task assignment

Assign tasks based on time or assign multiple tasks to one agent based on location..

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API integration

Get your tasks through API from an external application. Remove tedious and error prone manual order creation process.

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Customer view

Send customers a link that shows the status of the task as well as location of agent. Informed customers are happy customers.

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Reporting and analytics

Download preconfigured reports to perform analytics on your business data. Take decisions based on data.

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Affordable price

Pay little and unlock the huge potential that NowDelivered provides for your business. Realize ROI in a few days.

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Interactive agent app

Equips the agent to get task details at real-time, update status of the task on the go.

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Simple CRM

Build your customer database, analyze tasks by customers to enable growth

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Easy setup

Create an account, add agents, agents sign up with unique ID and you are ready to assign tasks. Go-live in few minutes.

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