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Orders Dashboard

The amazing dashboard

Managing all the tasks is a breeze now with the NowDelivered dashboard. All you need to know is in one place now. Proper planning and real-time status makes your operation error free and efficient.

Some Highlights

  • Create or import multiple tasks with ease
  • Have a holistic view of your tasks
  • Assign single or multiple tasks to an agent
  • Monitor status of your tasks at real-time
  • See location of agents at real-time
  • Download user friendly reports for analysis
  • Configure NowDelivered for your requirement

User friendly agent mobile app

Remove all redundant paper work that is being done today. The agents are given a powerful app that captures they daily actions. The actions are directly converted to reports that can be viewed at the end if the day.

Say goodbye to multiple hours of paperwork. Welcome error free reporting in your company.

Some Highlights

  • Tasks get added on the go
  • Update status of task at real-time
  • Log in and Log off from work
  • View route directly using google maps
  • Detailed view of tasks

Mobile app

Customer view of task

Customer satisfaction has become the primary driver of businesses today. Customer frustration has occurred primarily due to less transparency in teh status of tasks.

With NowDelivered you can show the status of the tasks at real-time. This reduces the status enquiry phone calls by almost 80 percent. Thus reducing the burden of admins to a huge extent. Live tracking = Happier customers = More profit

Some Highlights

  • Customer can view status of tasks
  • Customers can track location of agents at real-time
  • Customers get notified through SMS

What exactly you get with this?

  • Cost of administration reduces by 30 percent
  • Delivery cost reduces by 25 percent
  • Sales increases by 20 percent
  • 10 percent savings by avoiding incorrect reporting

How much you pay for it?

Pricing is based on number of tasks performed. You pay only for what you use. NowDelivered does not come with a huge price tag.

I need a new feature, what to do?

New features get added to NowDelivered every month. If you need a feature urgently contact us @

Team behind Now Delivered?

The NowDelivered team has built a successful hyperlocal delivery business and has used the valuable knowledge to build the product. The product is built by a strong technical team with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

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